When disaster strikes, Heroes are born! But what exactly defines a Hero? There are superheroes, everyday heroes, mediocre heroes and your just-regular heroes. They come in all different sizes and with different powers! I believe the only true measure of a Hero is by the enormity of their heart. As humanitarians we inherently do what we can to help those in need around us. Such is a virtue of human nature and this campaign’s mission statement: “There’s a HERO in all of US!”
Comics For A Cause is a non-profit organization that I started in 2007 as an experimental fundraising campaign to help my best friend who ultimately lost his fight with cancer. The net profit proceeds from sales of my portfolio comics and CFAC T-shirts went to his family of four, whom he left behind. I continued to seek out fellow comics colleagues willing to contribute their talents, and the collective effort of these writers and artists in our industry has given life to this Comics For A Cause Campaign Limited Edition comic book.
After several years in the making, this book’s completion couldn’t have come at a better time. All net profits from the sales of this CFAC limited edition comic books and T-shirts will go to The Canadian Red Cross Alberta Floods Relief. We’re glad to be in a position to answer the cry for help with the Comics For A Cause campaign, and are dedicated to doing our part in the flood relief and rebuilding efforts in our province. I thank you for picking up this book and supporting this cause. Not only will you enjoy reading this book and donning our best T-shirt, but more importantly, you’re helping those in a time of dire need. YOU’RE a HERO!

Dario Carrasco, Jr.
Comic Book Artist and CFAC Founder